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Dyes are used to colour bath bombs, bath salts, liquid soap, bubble bath and bubble bombs. Dyes are water soluble. This means they will disperse in water. A little colour goes a long way!


When using in cold process soap, please be aware the colours may run. (bleed).

Dyes are highly concentrated and will stain on direct contact. 

Dyes do not require Polysorbate 80 as they are water soluble, however if you add oils or butters to your batch, you will require polysorbate.


Dyes will not stain the bath tub when dispersed in water, when used correctly. Adding to much dye may cause staining.

Dyes are not recommended to be used in plastic or plastic lined bath tubs.


Dry dye colour will differ from the colour they disperse, when placed in water.

Example: Black dye dry is a rust colour, when mixed with water, it changes to black, this is normal for dyes. Dyes show their true magic of colour when they are submerged in water.


When using fine powders, wearing a face mask to avoid breathing in the fine powder is strongly recommended. If you are selling your creations, you must wear PPE for hygiene, also dyes will stain if you come in direct contact with them.

Dissolve dyes in water, we do not recommend using rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, you may not achieve the same results. Using these may change the dye colour, example: Using rubbing alcohol with black dye will turn the dye brown rather than black.


Usage rate when dissolving in water: 0.5gms - 1gm per 500mls of water. You only need a drop or two in your mix, depending on your batch size. Remember, you can always add a drop or two more, you cannot take away.

Dyes are not sold as food grade, external use only. Your own testing is recommended.


You can mix and match dyes to create your own colours. Yellow and Blue = Green, Red and Yellow = Orange ect...

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